• Erin McGinnis

How to Freshen Your Brown or Beige Decor

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

Many homes in Pointe Marin and Hamilton were built in the late 1990s/early 2000s during the height of the “Brown Trend” in home design. This is also referred to as the "Tuscan Trend." The finishes installed during that time were many shades of beige (cabinets, tile, granite, paint). Travertine tile, like in the above photo, was commonly used.

Now it’s 2018 and the “Fresh Color Trend” is in full swing.

Bright, crisp colors are “in” and the popular neutrals that complement crisp colors are gray and shades of white. But banishing beige in your Pointe Marin home may not be practical. Fortunately, you can keep beige looking current and fresh.

3 ways to update your beige décor:

1. Add a bold, contrasting area rug (with dark and light colors)

2. Add lots of white or cream for contrast (generous use of throw pillows, lamp shades, white painted furniture, slip covers, art with white mats)

3. Add pops of color (repeat 3 times in the room)

Here are some inspiration photos:

The brown sofa and beige chairs are updated with a contrasting rug, white coffee table, cream throw pillows and white lamp shades. Adding gold accessories is also a good way to update beige rooms. Notice the lamp, the magnifying glass and the votive. It's okay to mix gold with silver. As with any color, be sure to repeat the metal color 2-3 times in the room.

Another bold, contrasting rug and white accessories liven up the brown.

Blue is an excellent color to freshen your brown and beige furniture.

Rug with dark/light combination, white pillows and accessories, pops of red and green.

White wainscoting lightens the space. Notice the white pillows and lamp shades. Also, adding natural elements like the sea grass coffee table updates the space.

As a home stager, I follow these rules to make your home look its best when we list it for sale. We do this at no cost to you!

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