• Erin McGinnis

Top Transformations with Compass Concierge, a Free "Fix Up" Loan for Sellers

In 2021, several of our home seller clients took advantage of our company's amazing Compass Concierge program. With just a few clicks online, they were approved for loans to help prepare their homes for sale.

It's a no-interest, no-fee loan that they paid back when their house sold.

The money can be used for a range of things like home inspections, minor repairs, painting, landscaping, flooring, etc. We can handle all the project details!

As you'll see, these are not major remodels. In fact, they are fairly simple projects that are safe bets to earn a high return on your investment. Plus, we can execute these projects within a few weeks, typically.

Here are a few of our favorite "Before and After" shots:

1. Neutralizing "Personal" Paint Finishes

bedroom in Novato CA
BEFORE: The bedroom walls were not neutral enough to appeal to potential buyers.

bedroom in Novato CA
AFTER: The owner painted the room a neutral color and we staged the room with furnishings that added a pop of color.

2. Updating a Color Scheme

living room in Novato CA
BEFORE: This living and dining room needed a refresh

living room in Novato
AFTER: We replaced the carpet with a more modern Berber-style carpet, painted the walls a warm neutral color and all the woodwork a crisp white (it was painted tan before). We swapped the dining room chandelier for a more updated fixture.

3. Brightening a Kitchen

kitchen in Novato CA
BEFORE: The cabinets weren't in the best shape cosmetically, and the somewhat dark kitchen needed brightening.

kitchen in Novato CA
AFTER: We updated the old tile flooring with a floating luxury vinyl plank and painted the cabinets off-white to match the home's existing wood trim.

4. Ridding The Red

office in Novato CA
BEFORE: The red paint in this office was a little dark. Today, light walls are in!

bedroom in Novato CA
AFTER: We painted the walls a pale, warm neutral and staged the room as a bedroom (it has a closet). The room is located on the first floor of the home. Reinforcing to buyers that there is a main floor bedroom is important because this feature is a huge selling point.

5. Bye Bye Bathroom Carpet

bathroom is Novato CA
BEFORE: Remodeling this outdated bathroom would have required a sizable investment and you're not guaranteed to get your money back on major remodeling projects. Plus, it would have taken loo long and the sellers wanted to get the home on the market before summer. But removing the carpet was important so a buyer could feel they could move in without doing work.

bathroom in Novato CA
AFTER: We replaced the carpet with a waterproof laminate tile, plus painted the cabinets, walls and trim. Removing the old valances updated the look too.

Knowing what projects "not" to do is important, too! We have 15 years of experience getting homes ready for market.

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