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Don Tran is standing in front of his Hamilton Novato home, just sold by Team McGinnis Novato Reators
Kim and Mike Ward are standing in front of their Pointe Marin Novato home, just sold by Team McGinnis Novato Realtors
A family in Presidents Novato who just sold their home with Team McGinnis Novato Realtors
Dan and Debi Keen are stnding in front of their Hillside Park Novato home, just sold by Team McGinnis Novato Realtors
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Video Testimonial | Erin Schick, 11 Hayford Ct. in Novato

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5 star Zillow review for Team McGinnis

"My mother needed to find someone to sell my grandmother's house in the Novato Loma Verde neighborhood. I was helping her look and I came upon Kevin and Erin. When I saw their picture I felt I was in a DeLorean struck by lightning that took me back to 1985. I grew up with Erin here in the Bay  area. We called and met with them. We were immediately impressed by their down to earth yet highly effective presentation on their plans for the home. They know the local market very well. There were many times we said to each, how lucky are we to have them helping us with something so important? They are absolutely on top of things, incredibly responsive, and have an astounding hard work ethic. Kevin and Erin truly set the bar for what it means to be professionals. We would highly recommend them, they are simply the best." --David Azalde, 162 Corte Alta in Novato

5-star Zillow review for Team McGinnis

"Kevin and Erin were wonderful to work with! They gave us some great advice regarding what to change about our home to make it more marketable and staged it beautifully. They are a dynamic team and did a great job marketing the home. We had been trying to sell our home for awhile, but when we got  on board with Kevin and Erin they got us multiple offers in the first week of listing with them. You are really getting two great agents for the price of one!" --Dylan Sears, 467 Wood Hollow Dr. in Novato

5-star Zillow review for Team McGinnis

"Kevin and Erin McGinnis were our realtors for both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old home within a 3-month period. We couldn’t be happier with our Realtor choice and recommend them to anyone and everyone who is considering buying or selling in Marin County.


They are definitely The Best of the Best and continually go above and beyond expectations throughout the process of purchase and sale. They hold your hand when your hand needs holding, they advise, counsel, prepare you and your home, negotiate (as we were buyers and sellers, negotiated both sides of deals for us), stage, arrange for contractors and repairs, get city permits,move furniture, help arrange cleaning, painting and remodeling and arrange for incredible photography and videography that will all help you in the sale of your home.


The list of tasks they performed for us is almost infinite. They understand how stressful and time consuming the process of buying, selling, updating, staging, moving and financial arrangements can be for the buyer and seller. We tried to take care of so many of the details of the move ourselves. Despite our best efforts there were still many tasks for which we did not have the time, energy or knowledge. Never worry! Kevin and Erin, to our amazement and relief, would jump in and take care of innumerable tasks we thought were our personal responsibility.


They made time to get these tasks done when we were busy, stressed, working our jobs, taking care of our kids and had no time! They work hard to negotiate every aspect of a deal as a fair “win-win” for both buyer and seller so that all are happy at the end of the deal.


Communication with Kevin and Erin is always open, thorough, immediate and complete. They will continually email, text, call you on the phone and meet you in person depending on your preference or the nature of the communication that needs to be accomplished. Everything is explained thoroughly.


Though there are an incredible number of details in any real estate transaction, Team McGinnis makes it as streamlined as possible. We always felt they were on our side, selflessly working for us and the needs of our purchase and sale all hours of the day and night.


Team McGinnis are truly two Above and Beyond Realtors who will amaze you with their coordinated efforts throughout every aspect of the purchase and/or sale process which can often take unexpected turns along the way -- Kevin and Erin being masters at negotiating resolution. Throughout the process we felt we had our closest, most trusted friend paving the way for us." --Dr. David Schiff, 792 Rowland Blvd. in Novato