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Hottest Novato Neighborhoods (VIDEO)

Hottest Novato Neighborhoods (VIDEO)

Hottest Novato Neighborhoods (VIDEO)

What are the hottest neighborhoods in Novato? Meaning, where have prices increased the MOST over the past 12 months? There are 6 neighborhoods that really stand out – maybe yours is one of them. Realtor Erin McGinnis with Team McGinnis Realtors shares more in this video.

2021 was an extraordinary year for the real estate market. In Novato, the median home sale price went up 16% to $1.2 million.

All Novato neighborhoods saw an increase in home values, but there are 6 that outperformed the Novato market as a whole. These areas prices jump by 20% or more in just a year. Fun fact, 4 of these 6 neighborhoods are in southern Novato.

In spot number 6 is Hamilton, which saw its median home sale price increase by 20% to $1,255,000.

Number 5 is Pleasant Valley. The median home sale price in Pleasant Valley went up by 22% to $1.2 million.

At number 4 is Pointe Marin in Ignacio. There, the median home sale price surged by 23% to $1,710,000.

In the number 3 spot is Loma Verde, also in Ignacio. Last year, the median home sale price increased by 27% to $1,150,000.

The number 2 neighborhood for home price appreciation is Rush Creek, off Atherton Avenue. Its median home sale price shot up by 37% last year to $2,405,000.

And finally, the Novato neighborhood with the highest price appreciation last year was Marin Country Club, in Ignacio. There were 33 sales in the Country Club, and the median sale price was $2,150,000, a 40% increase from the year before.

What will happen to prices in 2022? Tell us in the comments what you think.

Rising interest rates and inventory are likely to be the big stories this year, and those are topics for our next video, so please subscribe to our channel so we can keep you up to date.

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