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Real Estate Rescue: Sold in 3 Days! Novato CA

Real Estate Rescue: Sold in 3 Days! Novato CA


We had the opportunity recently to represent a Novato homeowner whose house had been on the market with another agent but didn’t sell.

The home had been on the MLS for 65 days with no offers.

When we first visited the home, we could see it was beautifully updated with newer floors and a new kitchen and bathrooms. It had a fantastic back yard and had very nice and current furnishings. It was in excellent condition.

The price was a little high, but not terribly. So what was the problem?

To us it was obvious! There were 3 areas we focused on to get this home sold quickly and for the maximum amount the market would bear.


    Even though the home’s existing furniture was very nice and current, we felt the upstairs bedrooms and media room were a little cold and bare. The sellers had done a great job paring down personal items. But one way we add value is by installing art and accessories that make a room feel welcoming and complete.

    Here are some before and after photos:


    BEFORE: Master bedroom


    AFTER: We rearranged the furniture and added a large rug and accessories

    media room

    BEFORE: Media room

    media room

    AFTER: We added a big rug, pillows and art to punch up the color and warmth in the space

    Girl's bedroom

    BEFORE: Girl’s bedroom

    Girl's bedroom

    AFTER: This is a small bedroom and we pushed the bed to the back wall under the window to free up floor space. We removed the canopy curtains and lightened the bedding to make the room appear larger.

    We use Marin’s best photographers for accurate color representations and windows where you can see what’s outside (not blown out/bright windows).

    The left photo is the photo from the previous listing (overexposed and can’t see out the windows very well); the right photo is ours.



    We capture every property in an exciting highlight video that uses “true video,” not stitched-together still photos. True video ranks higher in search engines and it does a better job engaging buyers.

    Our videos also use aerial drone footage to show off the home’s surroundings.

    We put this home on the market and within 3 days it had a very strong offer over the asking price and with a 10-day close of escrow. We are so happy we could deliver these results to our clients.

If you are thinking of selling — or need a real estate rescue yourself — please contact us today!


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